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I have the pleasure to announce starting of an organization “Transparency Watch Organization” as a civil society organization leading to fight against corruption.

Corruption in Pakistan is increasing day by day. According to the survey conducted by independent International organizations corruption is prevailing at almost at all the highest offices and organizations.

The figure of corruption in the country is too high. Here people are taking resort of corruption to get their job. They take or give bribes for the same. Every other person in the country believes in the bribe. According to reports, during last year, at every second, each second person gave the bribe to officers, just to pass out his work officially.

Transparency Watch Organization is an NGO registered under the Society Registration Act 1961. Focusing in the areas of sustainable livelihood, education & skills development, basic services (health, water, sanitation and infrastructure) and disaster management apart from the transparency at all levels. TWO will raise awareness of the damaging effects of corruption and will work with partners in government, business and civil society to develop and implement effective measures and to tackle it. TWO will advocate the prevention of and fight against corruption at Pakistan level.

Transparency Watch Organization mission is to promote transparency and ethics as a part of the fight against corruption within Pakistani society.

TWO will play its role in Pakistan exposing the activities of both public and private sectors to general scrutiny which will limit corruption –TWO will do it with your support. Make TWO stronger for a stronger Pakistan.

“Corruption is against the Muslim faith. In the saying of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), a man would not steal if he is faithful to God. “In no way is corruption justifiable in the eyes of God.”

I invite the intelligentsia, society, to come forward and join us in rooting out this evil from Pakistan.

Pakistan Paindabad

M . A. Khan
General Secretary
Transparency Watch Organization

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